Iontophoresis Machine Buying Guide

Are you a person who has been experiencing excessive sweating on the hands and feet? This condition is known as hyperhidrosis disorder. Hyperhidrosis generally results to excessive and persistent sweating, and it may be caused by warm weather or by medical conditions such as menopause and hyperthyroidism, but it may also occur without any trigger. There are various ways to treat hyperhidrosis including taking pills and Botox injection but among this is a treatment that is the object of this article - Iontophoresis.

Iontophoresis is a medical procedure that involves a machine that sends low electrical currents through water and into your hands or feet. In this treatment, you will need to insert your feet or hands in a shallow tray that contains water, for about 20 to 40 minutes. This is one kind of treatment where you will not experience any pain, and its side effects are usually not serious. There is no real expert reason as to why Iontophoresis works on hyperhidrosis but it is believed that it can block the sweat glands thereby stopping the excess sweating.

For Iotophoresis to work, you will need to ensure that do it more than once per week. The number of times that you choose to do the treatment is entirely up to you since the treatment is harmless. The treatment can also be used in other conditions such as sports injuries, where a doctor adds anti-inflammatory medication to the water. In this case, Iontophoresis helps in delivering the medicine directly to the skin.

It will cost you from between $500 to $ 700 to obtain a good Iontophoresis machine from the market. However, I understand that you might be in need of one of these machines, but you are on a budget. In such a case, I should inform you that it is also easy to build your homemade machine and get similar results as those of the machine from the market. You can also visit a clinic or any Iontophoresis facility near you under the guidance of your dermatologists.

So if you have been having excessive sweaty hands or sweaty armpits, you now know what to go for. This treatment has been proven to work after a few weeks of taking the sessions. You have the freedom to choose the number of times you want to do the treatment, but as long as you will do it indefinitely, you are sure to obtain your desired results.