Iontophoresis Machines

Iontophoresis is a process of introducing medical compound in skins, and this is made possible through the introduction of electric shock and this happens within first few days of using the machine without causing any side effects.Iontopheric machines act as antiperspirants, i.e., prevents us from sweating. The issue is not owning iontophoresis machine but rather it's all about the knowledge you have regarding the and how to use it.

There are three types of this iontophoresis machine which are available in different companies. This includes the Electro Antiperspirant which operated by direct current, Antiperspirant Sensitive which is comfortable and has sensitive device, and the other one has pulsed current kit. Each of these antiperspirant has features which makes it different from the other. The device is made in a way to ensure either both palms or feet get same treatment.

The machine was discovered few years ago after along research for means of trying to cure sweaty hands or palms of which in the earlier days, somepoeple have been going through surgery and Botox injection to cure the palms which would have cause complications in their whole life.The Botox injection is quite expensive and painful and discovering iontophoresis stood for the pains one would go through without experiencing any side effect.

Getting rid of excessive sweaty feet and palms cannot be carried out properly apart from using the iontophoresis machine, the machine is operated using current which helps correct the hyperhidrosis disorder.

Using iontophoresis machine keep you safe completely and leaves you with relief sensations and leaves the palms dry. The gadget works by sending electric triggers through water after placing your hand in water for about 15 minutes and for a moment ticklish sense is felt. This ticklish feeling is as a result of ions diffusing through medium which is being transported through electric current.

Iontophoresis is a means by which certain molecules are extracted from within the body for analysis. The negative charge of the skin at stabilized pH causes it to be choosy to captions such as potassium and sodium ions, which paves the way for iontophoresis which causes electro-osmosis, he dissolved ions flow towards the anode. Electro osmosis then causes electrophoresis this is process through which neutral molecules such as glucose, are transported along the skin.

Iontophoresis is also used to treat inflammation conditions which include sprains, and bursitis. The affected area is dipped in water then current is passed through the water. The procedure is painless and it is only done by a qualified physician.

People with hyperhidrosis are encouraged to use iontopheric machine because they offer the required treatment and an affordable price without causing any side effects.